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For people who understand the power of a professional network. And know that the best way to authentically build one, is by learning together.
Who better to learn from than someone who is in the role that you aspire to be in?
Learn directly from mentors who have the tech jobs you want through immersive, team-based learning experiences called Skillful Sprints.
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We do one thing and we do it well: high quality skills training for strategic business roles in tech like

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By working together through time-bound learning sprints, Skillfulers build strong relationships without the awkwardness of traditional networking.
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She’d been hacking the job search on her own. YouTube videos, unfinished self-serve courses, cold LinkedIn outreach, so many ghosted job apps 😓 Then she heard about Skillful through friends - role-based skills training + an uplifting community + mentorship, all-in-one? 🐐
She signed up for 2 Sprints. Diving first into into the Core Sprint, she interacted with 100+ like-minded professionals and mentors who were aspirational but friendly and humble. Over 6 weeks and an intensive project, she bonded with her teammates and mentor, Alex, and learned so much.
After the Sprint, Holly stayed engaged in the Skillful community, attending events and networking with other Skillfulers. She checked the community job board frequently and saw that her mentor posted a role at his company! Since Alex knew Holly so well, it was an easy ‘yes’ to a referral ✅
Another mentor helped coach Holly through the interview process and she clinched the job! 🤝 10 months later, she will return to Skillful as a mentor
Holly joined Skillful to pivot into an Ops role in tech.
Now, she's working at her mentor's company, on his team.

Education on your own terms.

Compact learning experiences
Sprints are 4-6 weeks, part-time + online. Spend 2-4 hours per week in live working sessions and 2-6 hours per week doing independent work.
Built for busy professionals
Maybe you work in finance or consulting. A Fortune 500. Or a fast-paced tech company. Whatever it is, Sprints are designed to fit your schedule, with live working sessions built around the 9 to 5.
That are highly effective
We help you level up in the most efficient way. Build skills in the context of a particular role, directly apply them to a project and get personalized feedback from your mentor.
To maximize results
Our community-first approach and mentor-led Sprints makes it easier to get your foot in the door or land a referral.
Your success is
our success.
We believe that in order to launch and build successful careers in tech, talented professionals need to learn directly from talented peers. We’re living in a skills-first world. The old way was “it’s all about who you know.” Now, it’s about learning what you need to know, from who you need to know: Skillful mentors & fellow peers.
96% of Skillfulers would recommend us to a friend.
Our job placement rate for active job seekers is 80%.
We’ve created 11,500+ connections.
That's why we created Skillful:
An online school & community where we create and curate immersive learning experiences that help you learn directly from peer-level mentors.
Get started
We’re community-first.
The people in each Sprint are curated, by application only. You’ll end up learning as much from your peers as you do from your mentor.
No generalities or theory here. Our learning experiences are created by mentors to simulate their day job.
Joining a Sprint gives you lifetime access to our community. Fireside chats, intros to hiring managers, 1:1 coaching and more.
Most Skillfulers take 3-4 Sprints: to help them land the role, onboard to it faster, thrive in it and then jump to the next!
Saumil S.
Congrats to my mentee Angeline for landing a new role! She has been a great asset to our team these past few weeks and I am stoked for her! 
Kris L.
Hey Skillfulers! Please join me in congratulating Janet, who has just started a new role on the BizOps team at Properly 🏠 🏗 Janet went above and beyond for her team during the August ‘21 cohort of Core. Shoutout to Janet’s mentors, Alex, Julie-Anne and Eileen!
Wasi M. 
I am grateful to Luis who was not only a phenomenal mentor, but an incredible recruitment coach… He helped me find my strengths and set me up for success since the day we met! I’m ecstatic to be joining his company, DoorDash.
Rachel Y. 
Kareem was a very dedicated mentor who goes above and beyond to make sure you're getting the most out of the Sprint... It was such a great experience. I'm glad I took the leap to take my first Skillful Sprint! 
Naomi C. 
It’s only Week 1 [of my Sprint] but the community and vibes are already so much more welcoming than what I’ve experienced at other programs! It’s amazing what you guys have built & fostered! ✨
Laura H. 
Big shoutout to our mentor Alex Vinden on his new role as GM @ Instawork! Alex is a force to be reckoned with - his mentees adore him, case in point: “I could never personally relate to anecdotes of employees following their managers to new companies until I met Alex.” 
Michael K.
Today is my Day 1 at Uber… a huge thank you to my mentors: Alex, Himanshu, Wafic, Shane, Josh, Tyler & Christian. I also want to thank my teammates! I came to Skillful with very little experience applying SQL. 100% worth the investment - plus the community is amazing. 
Strachan W.
No exaggeration, Skillful was one of the most important parts in my pivot to tech. Not sure I could have done it without the program and the advice from Imran, my mentor
Carmelo F.
It has been a privilege to be part of this journey and watch Skillful grow! Skillful is literally changing people’s lives! It is great to constantly hear all of the shoutouts for folks finding new roles, new paths… new adventures!
Rebecca L.
One of the many reasons why I joined Skillful was because of the network but little did I know, it’s actually a community! People are always willing to help; whether it’s sharing resources, introductions, referrals, interview prep, or career advice. I’m so glad that Skillful has welcomed me with open arms!
Sam W.
Skillful is where world-class operators intentionally learn and grow together. Starting out completely non-technical, I was able to incubate and supercharge my budding skillsets in data, product, and growth. In fact, I loved the learning experience so much that I did 4 different programs.
Armish S.
Just wanted to share that I landed an Ops role at a Series B startup called Sampler. Super excited of course! It wasn’t easy but being part of the Skillful community made such a difference! It was one of my goals to be featured as a Skillful hiring announcement - I’m so excited!
Brett L.
How can I help Skillful? - this type of learning is truly the future of learning, leveraging your cohorts for their own connections (companies, individuals etc..).
Julie-Anne M.
Shama and I just had the most ENERGIZING conversation, and have so much in common about our career journeys, and we both agree that [the Skillful team] is doing a phenomenal job of building a community of just truly excellent folks.
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