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We aren’t like a regular bootcamp, and neither is our story

We're building a better way to accelerate your career

We’re the first program specifically built for non-technical roles in the tech industry, like strategy and operations.  We take a different approach from most learning platforms, providing skills training, networking, industry knowledge and job support all-in-one

Our model works because we teach talented people what they need to know to thrive in strategy and operations roles, from who they need to know; our mentors and team leads. We create a shared learning experience around a team project, which is the basis for learning key skills and critical industry concepts.

The strength of the relationships built in our community help propel our students to better outcomes, more efficiently. Mentors, team leads and students alike are levelling up their careers together.

Our team

We started Skillful to solve a personal problem that we knew many other people shared. Kris and Loren are former corporate lawyers who transitioned into the tech industry, specifically startup operations and venture capital.  We are passionate about helping people achieve their highest career potential. 

Loren C.

Kris L.

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