Skillful is where top talent comes to launch and accelerate their careers in the tech industry.
We’re building a learning platform and curated community for business careers in the tech industry. Think upskilling + mentorship for roles like Product Management, Growth and Strategy & Operations.

It used to be that if you wanted to work in roles like these, you were pretty much on your own. We should know - once upon a time we were both on a journey to break into tech. And even once we had made the switch, we felt like there should be a place where operators could hone their skills, make connections and build a community together. The only problem? There was none.

So we decided to build it ourselves.

We launched our Core Program in the summer of 2020. A six week learning experience for top talent to get the skills and connections they needed for business roles at top companies. Since then, we’ve graduated hundreds of participants, helped 80% of them land roles at top companies like Stripe, TikTok and DoorDash, and created a vibrant community.

Now we’re a platform for peer-to-peer learning, whether you want to land that first role in tech out of finance, pivot from marketing to product, or level up in a track you’re already on. It’s skills-building, community and job prep bundled into one.

In other words, Skillful is a place to learn what you need to know, from who you need to know.

We hope you join us for the ride.
Loren + Kris, co-founders @ Skillful
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