We ❤️ our mentors

Our mentors are at the core of Skillful. They create and lead Sprints. They’re engaged members of our community who go out of their way to make students’ career goals into a reality. And become friends along the way.
“Skillful has the richest virtual learning environment that I have ever seen and I feel privileged to be able to contribute to it.”
Max Nimaroff
Mentor @ Skillful
Get to know some of our mentors...
Co-Founder 🙋 > BizOps Manager @ Jobber 💻 > Business Analytics @ Jobber 💻
Sandeep Kittur
💻 📈 📚
Sandeep Kittur
Business Analytics @ Jobber
Consulting 💼 > Strategy & Ops @ TikTok 📱
Khanh Ngo
Khanh Ngo
Strategy & Ops @ TikTok
Consulting 💼 > Analyst @ Instacart 🥕 > Retail Insights @ Instacart 🥕
Eileen Smith
💻 📈 🥕
Eileen Smith
Retail Insights @ Instacart
Banking 🏦 > Product Op @ Revolut 🚀
Si Jia Wen
Si Jia Wen
Product Ops @ Revolut
Research 🔬 > Product @ GroundTruth 💻 > Strategy & Ops @ DoorDash 🍔
Max Nimaroff
Max Nimaroff
Strategy & Ops @ DoorDash
Consulting 💼 > Strategy & Ops at Uber 🚗 > Snapcommerce 📱
Ally Bashir
Ally Bashir
CX & Ops @ Snapcommerce
Data Scientist 💻 > BizOps at Uber🧯 > Product Ops ⚙️
Wafic El-Assi
Wafic El-Assi
Product Ops @ Uber
Consulting 💼 > Product & Ops at Homechef 🍽 > BizOps at LinkedIn 🚀
Ujwal Bharath
Ujwal Bharath
BizOps @ LinkedIn
Delta Airlines ✈️> Instacart 🥕> DoorDash 🚚
Luis Martinez-Moure
Luis Martinez-Moure
Strategy & Ops @ DoorDash
Consulting 💼 > Strategy & Ops at Uber 🚗 > Product Ops at Shopify 🛒
Marco Chan
Marco Chan
Product Ops @ Shopify
Telecom 📞 > Strategy @ Uber 🚗 > BizOps @ Shopify 🛒
Allan Mariano
Allan Mariano
BizOps @ Shopify
Consulting 💼 > Product @ Tesla 🔋 > Founder 🙋♀️ > Strategic Planning @ Clio ☁️️
Anna Dabrowski
Anna Dabrowski
Strategic Planning @ Clio
And more...
Alice Marson
Strategy & Ops @ Doordash
Angelina Lu
Product Manager @ Wealthsimple
Callum Travaglini
Strategy @ WealthSimple
Charles Ratté
Partnerships Strategy @ Netflix
Christian Keil
Chief of Staff @ Astranis
Eric Liou
Product Manager @ The Trade Desk
Imran Moledina
Strategy & Special Projects @ Uber
Jaclyn Bulbuck
BizOps @ Bonsai
James Lee
Strategy & Ops @ DoorDash
Josh Kennedy
Data & Business Systems @ GetSales
Julie-Anne Mendoza
Product Ops @ DoorDash
Kareem Azees
Growth Marketing @ Houzz
Liam Valentine
Ops @ RenoRun
Nei Joanidhi
BizOps @ Alto Pharmacy
Sean Newman
Data Analyst @ Alto Pharmacy
Shane Parkhill
Operations @ KOHO
Tiffany Chang
Product Ops @Uber
Tilak Mathur
Strategy & Ops @ DoorDash
We think our mentors are amazing
Our bar for mentor talent is (very) high. Being top talent at a world-class tech company isn’t enough. We look for ambitious rising stars who are equal parts friendly, humble and aspirational.
They’re accessible experts
Skillful mentors are your peers - they’re super friendly and approachable. They’re also experts in their day job. This unique combo is what makes Skillful learning experiences special.
They’ve benefited from mentorship in their career and want to pay it forward. Non-linear career paths are a shared experience among mentors and students.
They’re invested in your professional growth
Mentors have a habit of hiring mentees into their company or team. They have a chance to see mentees’ work through a Sprint and know the caliber of talent they’re getting. Plus, Skillful heavily vets all incoming mentees.
“Skillful has been fantastic at creating a community of interesting, thoughtful and intelligent people who all are happy to help one another on their individual journeys. I’m lucky to be a part of it.”
Ally Bashir
Operations @ Snapcommerce
Skillful Core Mentor
Why mentors ❤️ Skillful
Joining as a mentor is a dual opportunity to advance your career while helping others do the same.
Get fast reps leading a team
Mentors want to fast-track their professional development. We give you the opportunity to get reps managing a team and learn through direct feedback. Iterate and hone your management style with each new team of mentees that you lead. Bring that experience back to your company and see it translate into more responsibility and a faster promo.
Translate your daily grind into a meaningful side hustle
Moving the dial on someone’s career feels so good - it is a lasting gift that bonds people. We also compensate mentors for their time, including stipends for running Sprint(s), 1:1 coaching and creating content like workshops.
Get access to vetted, trained talent for your company
Mentors have a habit of hiring mentees into their company or team. They have a chance to see their mentees' work through a Sprint and know the caliber of talent they’re getting. Plus, Skillful vets all incoming mentees.
Build your network with other mentors from top tech companies 
You’ll be surrounded by peers from top companies across the world, so you can effortlessly expand your professional network.
Other perks
Curated 1:1s with senior Ops & Product LEADERS
Opportunities to build your personal brand
We source and set up 1:1s with senior operators and product leaders like Sri Batchu, Salmaa Elshanshory and Pete Huang.
We host exclusive events for our mentors. Mentors recruit each other into more senior roles at their respective companies.
We’re creating this community together. Mentors host our podcast, events and work closely with our team to create new Sprints.
How to join us as a mentor
Apply or get referred
Fill out an application or ask one of our current mentors to make an intro. Given the large volume of inbound applications we receive, we’re only able to reach out to those who we’d like to continue the conversation with.
Speak with the Skillful team
We’ll find some time to chat 1:1 to learn more about your professional journey, current role, your views on mentorship and leadership and what you’re hoping to get out of Skillful.
Join a roundtable to meet current mentors and ask questions
We host an interactive roundtable where current mentors tell you about their experience and answer any questions that you might have.
Get an offer to join the team and shadow an upcoming Sprint
All incoming mentors shadow a Sprint to learn by osmosis, build relationships with existing mentors and get a feel for our community culture.
Lead your own team through a Sprint!
Get feedback from your fellow mentors and team! If it’s a fit, you’ll move on to leading your own team through a Sprint!
But before you apply…
Mentoring is not for everyone. The best mentors value building relationships, deeply enjoy sharing their knowledge, have a desire to invest time and energy into other people, and harness their humble confidence to help others while developing themselves professionally.

If this describes you, we’d love to hear from you! If not, consider joining us as a student first to get a feel for Skillful or find other opportunities.

Our mentors come from top tech companies and help each other as much as they help their students. If you’re looking to be part of a team of rising stars - the future C-suite - then you’ve found it!
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