Our Program

6 weeks. Online. Part-time.

Week 1 🚀

• The program kicks off! Meet your cohort, project team and the Skillful mentors

• Our mentors explain the key pillars of Strategy & Operations and provide practical frameworks

• Dive into your team project! Tackle the ambiguity, dig into the data, break down the business model

Weeks 2-4🔥

• This is an intense period of analysis. Dig into the data set with your team and learn data analysis using SQL, Tableau and for our advanced Skillfulers, Python

• Skillful mentors walk you through key components of their work, including metrics, dashboards, experimentation, revenue models, leveraging big data for Operations, best practices for data visualizations and more

Week 5 🌟

• Work closely with your team and mentor to wrap-up your project and prepare recommendations
• Get candid feedback on your deck and pick up best practices from folks who present to the Executive team on a weekly basis

• Finally, presentation day has arrived. We can’t wait to see your hard work come to life!

Week 6 and beyond 📈

• 1:1 debriefs and coaching from our mentors & the Skillful team. We have candid conversations about where you are today, where you want to go and how to bridge that gap

• You're invited to join our ongoing Skillful Speaker Series. Mentors and influential guests share about their work, career journey and passion topics

• We make a plan, together, to help you reach your goals. We follow-up and keep you accountable. We want you to succeed because we believe that we all win together, as a community

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An all-in-one experience

Our program was created with industry mentors to deliver what you need to know, from who you need to know.

Accessibility is important to us. It's why we're part-time, online and affordable at US$1099.

Technical skills

Data analytics and data visualization learned through real project experience

Industry knowledge

Become conversant in the business concepts that the world’s most innovative companies use

Power skills

Top strategy & operations teams require an exceptional level of performance beyond technical skills - stakeholder management, deck building, problem solving and more

Community & mentor support

Our team, our mentors and the community are here to help you achieve your goals, from industry pivot to upskilling for personal growth

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