Landing Your Dream Role in Tech: A Skillful Summit

Jump start your pivot into tech by meeting industry mentors, demystifying business roles in tech and gaining tactical advice to nail your job search & interviews
May 17 – 18, 2022
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2 Evenings Only
Two evenings with industry experts who have been in your shoes. All live & online. Think of this like a crash course on business roles in tech. All sessions are recorded for enrolled participants.
For ambitious professionals
We built this for people who are exploring a career in tech and want to gain clarity on how tech teams operate and the roles that best fit their skillset and experience.
Tactical job resources & network
Walk away with a clear understanding of the different business roles in tech, practical advice on how to advance your job search, and with a new network to help you land more interviews.
Price includes access to two evenings of workshops, fireside chats, networking and tactical job search resources. Price is in US dollars.

What People Are Saying

My expectations were certainly exceeded and I got a lot out of this summit. I now know which jobs I want to apply to, have a better understanding of the transferrable skills I have, and have a much higher confidence level. This weekend solidified that my inner inkling to leave banking for tech was the right feeling to follow.
March 2022 Attendee
Loved hearing about the actual roles, projects, and day to day of the mentors. I am very new to my "break into tech" journey and honestly wasn't even sure before this summit if it was for me. Those panelists really helped solidify that I have the desire and the skillset to make a huge leap in my career from my 9-year stint in banking.
March 2022 Attendee
It was awesome and was definitely worth my time! This summit provided a much faster way to learn a lot of curated information than typical networking.
March 2022 Attendee

Spend two evenings learning about business roles in tech from industry experts who live and breathe these jobs daily.

You’ll join a cohort of ambitious professionals and approachable experts to help you gain exposure to and successfully nail an interview in strategic business roles in tech.
Here’s our agenda:
Workshop: Business Teams in Tech
6 – 8pm
Office Hours: Dive Deeper
8:15 – 9:15pm
Fireside: How to land your dream job in tech
7 – 8pm
Workshop: Transferable Skills
8:15 – 9:30pm
*Times in EST. All sessions are live & online.
**All sessions will be recorded in case you can't make any.

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Explore and prep for
roles like these:
Strategy & Operations
Chief of Staff
Strategic Finance
Customer Success
Meet and learn from some of our Skillful mentors:
Ally Bashir
CX & Ops @ Snapcommerce
Angelina Lu
Product Manager @ Wealthsimple
Christopher Leung
Commercialization @ Bonsai
Eric Liou
Product Manager @ The Trade Desk
Kareem Azees
Growth Marketing @ Houzz
Marco Chan
Product Ops @ Shopify
Max Nimaroff
Strategy & Ops @ DoorDash
Si Jia Wen
Product Ops @ Revolut
Sushant Bhardwaj
Chief of Staff @ SafeGraph

Our Agenda

Take the first step in your pivot into tech and walk away from this weekend with…
Overview of tech teams
Develop a better understanding of the different non-technical business functions in tech to find where you fit best. You'll get direct access to mentors who will walk you through their day-to-day.
Conveying Transferable Skills
Get advice on how to effectively communicate your skills to help you break into tech. Then, put your learning into action and get immediate feedback from mentors and hiring managers.
Office Hours & Fireside Chats
Pick your adventure! Join our mentors in a breakout room to build your network and ask questions. Gain new perspectives and have candid conversations.
A Path Forward
This is an effective, light-weight way to take a step forward in your career goals. This will be a fun way to learn key info, meet new people and start to feel good about this career adventure that you’re on!
Let us help launch + accelerate your career in tech.
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