Product Operations Sprint

Level up for an emerging field at the intersection of Product & Ops 🌊
Starts late July 2022
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There are a highly limited number of spots in each cohort.
Let’s prep that case study 👀
5 weeks
2-3 hours/week of live virtual workshops + team working sessions and 2-4 hours/week of independent work
1:8 mentor to student ratio
Our Sprints are intimate and heavily curated so you get authentic, meaningful relationship building
Portfolio Builder
This Sprint culminates in a pitch deck you can add to your portfolio to show your skills & interests
We use a tuition scale to make our Sprints more accessible. Learn more in the application. Includes lifelong community access

Let's dig in

This Sprint will help you level up (and interview prep) for roles like:
Product Operations Manager
Product Manager
Strategy & Operations Manager
We simulate a project you'd work on in a Product Operations role.
You’re a Product Operations Manager at Instafood, an online grocery delivery service, responsible for launching new products across North America. Instafood is looking for new ways to capture a larger segment of the online grocery market. With 2 immersive workshops, small group office hours and hands-on 1:1 guidance from your mentors, you will develop a framework to help prioritize a product feature list, build a roadmap and plan and prepare for the launch of a new feature: Instafood Pickup.
Key Concepts & Skills
Product Strategy
GTM Launch
Stakeholder Management
Roadmap Prioritization
Product Operations @ Uber Eats
Product Operations @ SHOPIFY
Prateek Ranganathan
Product Operations @ Shopify
Nick May
Product Operations @ ToNAl

An all-in-one experience

All of our Sprints are created with industry mentors to deliver what you need to know, from who you need to know. Learn skills through a team project that simulates on-the-job learning, helps you prep for interviews and form organic relationships with your mentor, teammates and cohort.

Sprint Specs

Over the course of the program you will...
Kickoff & Foundations
Onboard to the Skillful community! Get curated connections with alums. Kickoff the Sprint by meeting your team and mentors.
Deep Dive & Tackle
Dive deeper into concepts through two interactive workshops & office hours. Leverage your knowledge to tackle the project.
Review & Feedback
Submit the first draft of your project. Get personalized, actionable feedback on it from your mentor and team.
Polish & Present
Put the final touches on your project and share it with the rest of the team. Learn how your mentor would’ve approached it.
Here's what a typical Sprint looks like...
*Schedule does not reflect weekly team and mentor meetings. These are scheduled by the teams around the team members schedules.
**Times in EST. All sessions are live & online.
***Workshops are recorded and are viewable in case a Skillfuler cannot make a session.
****Schedule is subject to slight changes. This is a reflection of a past cohort. of a div block.
Let us help launch + accelerate your career in tech.
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